FIRST IN MALAYSIA :- that covers BOTH mother & child during pregnancy (including JAUNDICE) & infancy

PRUmy child is the 1st Insurance / Savings Plan in Malaysia that provides protection to a foetus as well as the pregnant mother.

We are also the FIRST in Malaysia to cover neonatal JAUNDICE that requires phototherapy treatment (up to 60 days from time of birth)

With PRUmy child  we can insure your baby as early as 18 weeks into pregnancy for the following items :-

# Offers your children protection during crucial pregnancy and infancy periods under the Pregnancy Care Benefit and Child Care Benefit

# Covers Neonatal Jaundice that requires photo-therapy treatment within the first 60 days from the birth of your child

# Covers admission into Intensive Care Unit / High Dependency Unit and Incubation

# Covers 15 congenital conditions e.g. ventricular septal defect (hole in heart), cleft lip , etc.

# Pays the child's Hospitalization and Clinic care as they grow up

# Additional protection for parents to ensure their child will continue to enjoy uninterrupted protection and benefits should any unfortunate events happen to either parent.

# Planting a seed towards secure education funds for the child.

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